Java Djb调试


jdb -attach localhost:5000 启动调试

classes 查看所有正在运行的类
methods com.eqxiu.Test列出该类下的所有方法
stop in com.eqxiu.Test.m1 设置断点
thread 0x23b 指定指定的线程
locals 列出方法的参数
dump arg 或者 print arg 可以只看某一个参数
resume 好像是让方法继续执行直到下一个断点
where : The where command shows the current stack trace and allows you to see where you’re at:
step : To step to the next instruction
step up: You can also use the step up command to run the code to the end of the current method, exit it and stop at the next line of the calling method:

set message = “Goodbye, John” 改变变量的值
cont or run : To continue execution, use the cont or the run command:
clear : To see the list of available breakpoints, let’s enter the clear command
clear com.HelloController.hello(java.lang.String) : to clear the breakpoint